Impact Acoustic® ceilings baffles

Impact Acoustic® ceilings baffles

Call for price

Vertical acoustic baffles are popular in the industry for practical reasons and because they effectively prevent the sound from retouching below the ceiling. Acoustic ceiling baffles also gives easy access to installations and free passage to skylights. For offices and other types of interiors, acoustic baffles also contributes with exciting design possibilities - especially the case when it comes to baffles from Impact Acoustic® and Grape in a total of 32 nature-inspired colours.

Grape 60x60 breathes new life into standard 60x60 modular ceilings
Acoustic baffles offer design possibilities - here swung down the wall
Acoustic baffles in the canteen at Bergen Town Hall
Impact Acoustic® takes its own medicine - here acoustic baffles in the head office in Lucerne

Acoustic baffles in smaller sizes

Maybe you don't need a fully covering acoustic ceiling? In that case, we also offer acoustic baffles in the form of smaller solutions suspended in wire systems. Use them, for example, to deploy where the need is greatest.

Nebula baffle ceiling suspended in wire

Acoustic ceilings in 32 nature-inspired colours

Impact Acoustic® acoustic ceiling baffles and Grape 60x60 are manufactured in the acoustic Archisonic® felt sheets. So regardless of whether you want the ceilings to be in Nordic pine, moss or in one of the other 30 colours, the choice is completely free.

So much acoustic material is needed

The building regulations prescribe that an equivalent absorption area corresponding to 1.1 times the floor area must be used in open offices. So if an office is 100 square meters, the equivalent absorbent material must be 110 square meters. And if the sound-absorbing materials, for example, absorb 50% of the sound on average, the need is actually 220 square meters. Therefore, it also goes without saying that an acoustic ceiling can rarely stand alone.