Rosso CP30 sound-absorbing panel 900 × 1800 mm, clear

Rosso CP30 sound-absorbing panel 900 × 1800 mm, clear

Developed by Nimbus Group Stuttgart
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Format: 900 x 1800 mm
Thickness: 30 mm



Absorption coefficient
0,4 (DIN EN ISO 11 654 class D)

The special sound-absorbing partitions and table partitions Rosso CP30 are built up with two layers of microperforated film glued to each side of a honeycomb structure. The result is quite convincing. The 40,000 holes per. sqm. namely effectively breaks sound waves and attenuates annoying speech noise in e.g. open office landscapes. Choose from screens in the transparent "Clear" or the translucent "Frost".

Reversible and flexible partition panels

Feet and table brackets for CP30 screens grip the panels anywhere without mounting holes. It makes panels reversible and thus extremely flexible.

Feet and table brackets ordered separately

Feet for partitions and table brackets for table partitions are ordered separately. See the options under related products below.

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