cloud softlight mobile - warm white, medium

cloud softlight mobile - warm white, medium

designed by Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen for molo
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Diameter: approx. Ø210 cm
Ceiling to bottom: min. 117 cm
1 pc pendant Ø56 cm
1 pc pendant Ø86 cm
1 pc pendant Ø120 cm

Light source

Total 85W LED (+90 CRI, 6561 Lumen*)
Warm white (2700 Kelvin)


220 - 240V external transformer for connection to wall or ceiling outlet. Comes with 1.5 meter electrical cable.


Antistatic Tyvek® (rolled PET fibers). The screen is thus easy to clean and repel dust.

* lumen values refer to LED output; cloud shade will absorb some light.

Inspired by Alexander Calder’s marvellous kinetic sculptures, cloud softlight mobile redefines space through gentle movement and weightless, three-dimensional shapes. Each honeycomb shade attaches to the mobile structure by a single point, rippling and revolving with shifting air currents.

The shades are lit from within by energy-efficient LEDs and conjure a stormy atmosphere when dimmed. At full brightness, the luminaries provide gentle light that is perfect to work, read, eat and live by. cloud’s honeycomb structure absorbs sound, subduing reflected noise within a space.

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