PATTERNS table linen and napkins in gift box

Designed by Claire Vos for Functionals
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Materials and colors

50% organic cotton
50% organic flax
Light gray pattern on a creamy white background


Table linen: approx. 275 x 165 cm
Napkins: 52 x 52 cm (6 pcs)
Ideal table size: 200 x 90 cm
Cribs approx. 7% after first wash



With Pattern's table linen and napkins, designer Claire Vos cultivates the very basic qualities of raw damask; one of the oldest weaves in the world. For the set, Vos has designed a light gray Scottish embossed pattern that dissolves and restores over the creamy white base color. The pattern on the tablecloth is on a larger scale but otherwise the same as on the napkins.